Calculus II, Environmental Geoscience Field Methods, Environmentality, Gardens and Greenhouses, Global Environmental Politics, Intermediate Ceramics, Life Stories, Nature of Narrative, Philosophy of Nature, Physics and Mathematics of Sustainable Energy, Public Speaking Workshop, Skills for Conflict Resolution and Advocacy on Human Rights, Solutions, Sustainable Strategies, The Anthropocene, and Writing Seminar II.

My approach to human ecology:

A study of communication methods is at the center of my human ecological focus. I am trying to understand what systems humans use to communicate their thoughts and actions effectively to their audience. Of course, there is no real finite answers, but that is the thing with any philosophical question I guess.

Systems that I am most interested in pertain to Law, Philosophy, Fiction Writing, and Governance. Oo, and I have a new love for Sustainability Reporting.

Senior project:

Right now I’m thinking it would be fun to do a GRI report (sustainability report) of COA, focusing on energy consumption, governance systems, and finances. Or something like that. I’m not sure. I’ll keep tinkering with the idea though!

Passions & motivations:

To motivate me to wake up, waft some waffles under my nose. To motivate me to act, give me a puzzle to solve.

Adventures yet to come:

My purpose in life is to learn new perspectives and to connect people, corporations, and communities to each other in creating solutions to societal problems. I also aim to have the courage to ask my questions and share my opinions with those around me. As long as I do one of those goals everyday to some degree, my future will be beautiful and blessed. 

Best meal on campus:

Na-ah… Don’t do this to me… 

COA might be the right college for you if...

…you are willing to ask questions, develop your self-awareness, be assertive, and aim to act for continual improvement of yourself and your interaction with the environment. Also, a love of the ocean and a tolerance of cold climates will probably help you a lot! 

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Both! Because one cannot exist without the other. When one exists, the potential of the other lives within that one (unless the chicken is infertile, of course, but in that case there would be no ‘second’). 

So, whichever you prefer works fine. What matters is that they both taste good, look cute, and are here today.