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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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The haunted house story, nestled as a sub-genre of ghost stories within horror, is often psychological and supernatural. It almost always features a dissolving of boundaries–of the living and dead, the normal and the paranormal, the mind and the exterior world. In stories, ghosts often haunt, but they stand for memories and past events, and the spaces they inhabit are often charged with meanings and emotions. A house can be a metaphor for the body, the mind, for comfort or for patriarchal oppression. Rooms can hold secrets. This genre relates to the psychology of the self, memory, isolation, the uncanny and mysteries of the relationship of body and spirit. This course is part of a three-credit program centered on the production of a short narrative film. Students will study various texts, films, and theoretical writings, concerning topics to include: haunting, spaces of house and home, identity, paranormal, and memory. We will explore some Maine connections to the genre. There are rich associations with houses and other spaces as demonstrated in the work of Gaston Bachelard, Carl Jung, Shirley Jackson and Toni Morrison. Whether literary (Turn of the Screw, The Tell Tale Heart, The Haunting of Hill House) theatrical (séances, Haunted Hotel) or cinematic (Us!, Hausu), we will use texts—books, plays, movies, poems—as research to better understand the movie(s) we are creating. Students will be asked to respond and utilize texts in various ways including creating mood boards, improvisational scenes, drawing or design responses, filming scenes, short responses films, and response papers. Students will be responsible for participating and contributing to discussions and class blog. Students will be evaluated on written responses, in-class activities and effective participation.


Co-enrollment in Making a Low Budget Movie and Lights, Camera, Action, Wrap!; permission of instructor. 

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