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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Upon occasion

This course is part of a three-credit program centered on the production of a short narrative film. In this course we will create elements, shoot and record scenes of a film based on a script and storyboard. With the guidance of faculty and professionals in the field (sound mixer and cinematographer) students will complete the production through the performance of roles on set and behind-the-scenes. Roles will include acting, production design/art direction, costuming, producing, directing, animation and special effects, script supervision, cinematography/lighting, sound recording/mixing, and music. Students will be evaluated on their work and successful completion of their assigned roles, their collaboration, and contribution to the overall production. This course will be focused primarily on production process. Editing and post-production will be in rough cut form.


Co-enrollment in Haunting and Making a Low Budget Movie; permission of instructor. 

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