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I - Introductory

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Upon occasion

This hands-on course will introduce the student to glass as an artistic material. The weekly schedule includes a lecture on campus and a four-hour lab off campus at a professional art glass studio. Work in the studio will focus on learning the basic skills necessary to complete simple blown glass forms. Students will learn basic glass blowing techniques including gathering glass from the furnace, using hand tools, and creating different shapes on the blowpipe. An ongoing emphasis on shop safety will be maintained during demonstrations of the proper use of equipment and tools. In addition to glass blowing, students will be instructed to complete projects using slumping and enameling kilns, diamond lapidary saws, a sand-blasting cabinet, and water-fed grinders. The weekly lecture will focus on the historical evolution of glass working methods, from the first hollow-core vessels to contemporary art glass by Dale Chihuly or Beth Lipman. Students will be evaluated based on attendance, regular reviews of the student’s sketchbook, the ability to make five basic vessel shapes, and a final sculptural project.



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