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M - Intermediate

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This course will examine immigration, anti-immigrant bias, and other barriers to immigration currently and in the past in the United States. We also will examine immigration and barriers in one or two other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Hungary. Our primary focus, however, will be on the USA. We will probe the pros and cons of allowing immigrants to come to the USA or other countries. We will explore the reasons why leaders and citizens are hostile to immigrants, and we will examine strategies for reducing anti-immigrant bias and violence. We will examine how governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are addressing the large number of migrants who come to the USA or to European countries without permission and without legal documentation. Students will gain skills for analyzing the approaches of governments to immigration and the responses and initiatives of immigrant rights NGOs. Readings will range from articles or books, investigative pieces written by journalists, reports from non-profit organization and novels. We will hear in class, on field trips, or via Skype from immigrants, activists, and investigative journalists. Students will be evaluated on short written responses to readings and guest presenters, two papers, in class participation, and a final project. The final project will explore the topics in the course through fiction, poetry, art, film, advocacy, interviews or other forms of expression.



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