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M - Intermediate

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Every other year

This course offers students the opportunity to participate in the authorship, design and fabrication of interpretive projects in COA’s George B. Dorr Museum. Typically coursework surrounds the creation of educational environments, activities and events that showcase concepts and content on changing special topics. Areas of content explored in projects range between art, science and natural history. With guidance, students in the tutorial will engage in researching content, developing interpretive projects, writing textual elements, and designing and fabricating installations, events and activities in the museum. The class will act as a team and collaborate to develop and produce material.

Evaluation will be based on (dependent on specific tasks that include research, writing, and fabrication): attention to detail, quality of craft, effective collaboration in an iterative group process and the timely completion of work The success of this group project is dependent upon a high level of scholarship and crafting of exhibit areas toward an end of the term completion date for the realization of project elements. This course is appropriate for students interested in education, design and communication.


Permission of instructor. Curiosity and Wonder is strongly recommended; Graphic Design, Communicating Science and/or Education courses are also suitable previous coursework. 

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