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A - Advanced

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  • ED - Educational Studies

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This course is designed to prepare those who are intending to meet the learning needs of diverse populations of students in grades 7-12 or late adolescent young adults in other learning environments. It is an objective of the course to communicate that teaching is intellectual work, that it requires a dedication to and a love of subject matter, a respect and caring for students, a concern for equity, and a moral imperative for excellence in teaching. Students spend 70 hours with their target population and curriculum, as well as consulting with content faculty. (Some of these hours may be reserved for fall term.) These learning-teaching experiences are integrated into class discussion where students analyze the elements needed for successful teaching, learning, and assessing in their own content area and across disciplines. The purposes, problems, opportunities, issues, strategies, and materials involved in teaching diverse adolescent and young adult learners will be examined critically through class discussions, individual and group work, reflections on field experiences, and peer and virtual teaching and assessing.


Permission of instructor.

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