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M - Intermediate

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  • AD - Arts & Design

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In this course we examine what key physical aspects make communities desirable places to live, work, and visit. New development is often seen as undermining the sense of place and posing threats to environmental resources such as water quality or agricultural soils but alternative approaches may enhance and protect these same qualities. Working on real projects, the class provides assistance to community groups by providing information, analyzing the natural resources, cultural history, scenic quality and the built environment, and providing a range of options for them to consider.  Knowing how to effectively apply information available through GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is generally an integral part of land use planning. In this class students learn how to run ArcGIS software and to extract, analyze, and present pertinent information to inform land use decisions. Students who have already taken GIS are given more advanced assignments. The class will culminate in a presentation prepared for local community decision-makers. Given the online nature of this course the format of the final presentation is yet to be determined however it is dependent on everyone working together for a successful outcome.


Previous coursework in GIS is not required.

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