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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Upon occasion

One of the deepest human instincts is to tell our life stories, to figure out who we are–the current upheavals here and beyond cry out for our stories just now. This creative writing course will be rooted in an exploration of ourselves, our relationships to others, and our connections to place. We will study the writing process and matters of craft by reading and responding to memoirs by contemporary writers, practical guides to memoir writing, and essays on memoir and memory. Creative work will include online discussions of readings, informal and ungraded writing exercises designed to help with matters of language and technique in your own writing, weekly online peer review of work-in-progress, and the crafting of three life stories. Students will be evaluated on the effort and quality of their writing, commitment to the writing process, participation in online peer review and discussions, production of a chapbook, and a digital portfolio of their writing.  Course material, communication, and online interaction will occur through various means, including email, Google Docs, brief videos, remote class sessions and individual writing conferences.



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