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I - Introductory

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This course introduces students to the techniques, methods, and history of the depiction of the human figure through direct observational drawing. We will be working from live models to investigate movement, volume, and anatomy of the human form through a variety of traditional and contemporary approaches. We will learn perspective to draw the figure in space. The space will be wherever the students are living and all that it contains, transforming a period of confinement and difficult circumstances into ART. The figures might be themselves, people with whom they live, family members, or pets. Students will be given assignments and documents such as illustrations of anatomy, references to art history and artists’ works. An online blog will allow students to post pictures of their work for review, critique and guidance. Evaluation will be based on active participation in class discussions or critiques, an increased proficiency to accurately represent the human form, individually designed projects, and experimentation with drawing media. These visual memoirs will be showcased at COA at a later date.



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