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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Students taking Introduction to Forestry will learn about forest management practices, particularly in Maine. We will cover how ecology influences tree and forest growth, natural and artificial forest regeneration, treatments that shape forest composition, and finally different types of timber harvests and how they are done. We’ll look at managing forests for timber, wildlife, recreation, non-timber forest products, and more. In addition to a solid understanding of forest management, students will come away with the skills and vocabulary used by foresters to measure tree and forest value, growth, and health. Students will learn through lectures and primarily through doing— field trips will be an important part of this class. We’ll tour forests that are managed in different ways and meet with foresters working with small landowners, land conservation organizations, and private businesses. Students will be evaluated by class participation, problem sets, and a midterm and final test that will take place in and out of the classroom.


None, but background in ecology or forest ecology helpful.

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