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I - Introductory

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Teaching and Learning remotely during this a global pandemic is now a reality.  How will students, teachers, librarians and parents come together to continue learning? How will the world of young adult literature be accessible to millions of students who now find themselves isolated due to social distancing as schools and libraries close for the foreseeable future? Can rich conversations be had through digital means at a distance? Young Adult Literature at COA will examine these and other topics.  Assignments will include reading both academic and trade books as well as articles. Students will learn through a variety of methods, from class discussion to reporting back from mentor meetings. They will be in touch with professional young adult writers, and they will also have choice in term-long projects that will be done throughout the trimester. Evaluation is on a continual basis as the course is structured to allow students to demonstrate growth over the course of the trimester. There will be rubrics for class participation and assignments, and students will complete self-evaluations.



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