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A - Advanced

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The main goal of this tutorial is to give students significant experience tackling open-ended problems in computational chemistry, origin of life questions, theoretical physics, computer science and/or applied mathematics. In this tutorial students will carry out research on a topic of their choosing, most likely focusing on some mathematical model. Students may examine mathematical properties of the model, or may look to apply the model to phenomena in the natural, physical, or social world. The class will meet together once a week, and in small groups several times a week. At these meetings we will discuss journal articles and book chapters on topics and methods relevant to the students’ projects. Students will also meet weekly with the instructor to discuss details of their independent project. At the end of the term, students will give an oral presentation giving background in their topic and presenting their results. Students will also write a final report on their project. It is expected that the results of some of these projects may also be presented at research conferences and/or submitted to peer-reviewed journals. Evaluation will be based on participation in weekly discussions, the progress made on the project, and the final presentation, and the final report.


Permission of instructor; course background needed will vary depending on the student’s project area.

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