Getting here:

I went to UWCAC in Wales (UK) where my university councillor mentioned COA as an aside. Fortunately I researched and found the next 4 years of my life. Getting here during Covid times from El Salvador was not an easy But I finally made it and I’m so glad I did. This school is awesome and the food is delicious.


Human Ecology Core

Trees and Shrubs

International Wildlife Policy

My approach to human ecology:

Botany+Zoology+Photography+Literature+Writing+Feminism=Human Ecology

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I love Calan Gaeaf or all Hallows Eve- which is a little different maybe a bit more scary than the US counterpart. Lots of storytelling, fire, food and laughter. And maybe a bit too much fake blood…

If you are lucky enough to spend New Years with me- you will have to climb a very tall mountain and enjoy all the fireworks for miles around. However it is usually extremely cold!

On the Summer Equinox I go on a huge hike that lasts all day. I don’t know how (or if) I can do that this year but I’ll try.

Passions & motivations:

Saving (all) the Forests!

Adventures yet to come:

Wouldn’t you like to know ;)

COA might be the right college for you if...

Love the natural world, and never had co-years you could express that with. I can ramble about the bark of a tree for hours or a hike and all the berries and birds we found for hours and the people here are lovely and interested or kind enough to genuinely listen and have a conversation with you. I have never found that in previous schools.

Multi-disciplinary! if you think the worlds problems might need more than one solution to heal a problem- but traditional schools don’t offer that for you.. this is the place for you! 

You don’t have to be just one thing. Everyone I have met is multifaceted and there is so much to them and what they love or want to do.


Quiet peaceful house breakfast, just before class.

All of the wonderful, native and specimen trees on campus.

The beautiful, orangey seaweed at the shore.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The red junglefowl?