• Biology: Form & Function, Introduction to Photography, Human Ecology Core Course
  • Ecology, Walking the Line: Introductory Drawing, Advanced Composition
  • Applied Amphibian Biology, Wildlife Ecology, Scavenging Color & Light: Introduction to Painting

  • Great West Monster Course (Reading the West, Ecology and Natural History of the American West, Wilderness in the West: Promise and Problems)
  • Winter Ecology, Advanced Ornithology Tutorial, Seminar in Human Ecology
  • Herpetology, Conservation Biology, Drawing Mineral & Botanical Matter in the Forests of Maine

  • Buck Island Sea Turtle Research Program (BISTRP) Internship
  • Data Science I: Visualization, GIS: Foundations & Applications, Wildlife Law Seminar
  • Costa Rica Monster Course (Introduction to Tropical Field Ecology, Tropical Entomology, The Art & Practice of the Natural History Field Journal)

  • Trees & Shrubs of Mount Desert Island, Spanish Conversation


I love being an intern so much, I did it twice :-)

1) Field Technician at the Alice Eno Research Station, Great Duck Island

While on GDI, I worked on an ongoing study of fledging success in Herring Gulls and conducted an independent study on the habitat use of the island-dwelling Red-Backed Salamanders (P. cinereus).

2) Field Technician for the Buck Island Sea Turtle Research Program, Saint Croix USVI

The Buck Island Sea Turtle Research Program (BISTRP) monitors the demographics of nesting Hawksbill (E. imbricata) and Green (C. mydas) sea turtles and informs the recovery of Hawksbills in the Caribbean.

Senior project:

My senior project will explore the relationships between ecology, art and Christianity. I am especially interested in how all three can come together in a conservation ethic. The field component for this project was a month-long hike in the Rocky Mountains with my mom!

Passions & motivations:

the intersections of art and science, conservation-focused research questions, salamanders

Best meal on campus:

salmon and maple syrup brussels sprouts