-Kinetic Sculpture

-History of Midwifery and Women’s Healthcare in the US

-Introduction to the Legal Process

-Politics and the Supreme Court

-Bees and Society

-Advanced Composition

-American Dreaming

-Geology of MDI

-Hate Crimes in Contemporary US & Europe

-Conflict Resolution

Favorite class:

I did an archival independent study on lesbian couples who lived on Mount Desert Island. I gave a really cool presentation about it with an amazing lesbian author who lives on the island. It was unforgettable and so much fun.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

lots of walks to hannafords! I am always chasing down neighborhood cats to pet them. I spend a lot of time in the library. and a lot of time in the kitchen at my house cooking with my girlfriend!

Passions & motivations:

theatre! political science! libraries! food! coding! cats!

Adventures yet to come:

I’d really like to hike Cadillac Mtn. super early in the morning so I can watch the sun come up from the summit!

Best meal on campus:

savory tofu and mac and cheese!