Getting here:

I was looking for a place where people cared & engaged with each other as a learning community! I found the website, obsessed over the course offerings, visited during fall fly-in, and knew I had to be here! 


I’ve taken all of these exciting classes!!

Fall 20: Human Ecology Core Course, Writing for Social Change, Acadia: The National Park Idea 

Winter 21: The Power of Debt, Equity + Social Justice in Education, A History of God

Spring 21: Rethinking the Canon, Macroeconomics, Independent Study: The Climate Crisis & Emotions

Fall 21: Performance & Ecology, This Placed Called India, Chemistry & Biology of Food and Drink

Winter 22: Chaos and Fractals, Understanding and Managing Group Dynamics, Diaspora and Unbelonging, The Human Ecology of A.I. 

Spring 22: On Questions of Rights, Responsibility, and Reparations, Hydropolitics in a Thirsty World, Independent Study: Governance in Practice 

Favorite class:

how about a top three?

A History of God, with Gray Cox!! Amazing discussions about metaphysics,  mysticism, infinity, dreams, puzzling questions about religious texts and lots of self-exploration through the process!

Perfomance & Ecology, with Khristian Mendez!! I don’t know how to precisely explain it but this class was exactly what I needed to re-engage with big questions about the climate crisis, through the process of thinking about and making theatre!! 

Group Dynamics, with Bonnie Tai!! I think this was one of the classes that have helped me make the most sense of what I see myself doing after COA and why I am so passionate about groups and thinking about ideas of belonging! 

My approach to human ecology:

Community + Love + Systems + Social Change + Connectedness = Human Ecology

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Swimming in the ocean at unreasonable temperatures!! Lots of yummy maple syrup treats + blueberry treats!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful views!! On a clear night, starry skies like I had never before seen!

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Working at TAB + Sea Urchin Cafe! Community dinners! Participating in governance on the Steering Committee! Being a part of the Bar Harbor Student Housing Co-Op!

Passions & motivations:

emergent strategy!! (thinking about a world where relatively small, simple interactions lead to big, complex changes!)

Adventures yet to come:

a term in India!! exploring the idea of self!! more emergent strategy facilitation!! education

COA might be the right college for you if...

  • you like having “aha” moments in your classes!
  • you get stressed out about the idea of picking out a major!
  • your ideal first date is a walk in the woods!
  • you enjoy engaging with philosophical ideas and thinking about paradoxes and contradictions and plurality!


my top-three ways to hang out with people at COA are (1) going for a walk or a hike, (2) sharing a meal together, and (3) collaging or some kind of art-making! 

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Almond Milk

Chocolate Chips



Nutritional Yeast 



Jalapeño Chips


Vegan Lasagna

Bell Peppers 


Sweet Potatoes 


Pita Chips 


Tortilla Chips


Smoked Paprika