Getting here:

I went to a big ol’ 6A Texas football high school then went to a different liberal arts school down in southern California where *gasp* I learned that they didn’t offer any ocean courses and spent the next two years (perhaps over-)correcting my mistake. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a large or small school setting but was pretty sure that liberal arts were for me sooo I made the most of a bunch of different programs (s/o to UCSC, Williams-Mystic, and Semester by the Bay (marine mammal central)). Now I’m here! Wow!

My approach to human ecology:

Listen. Deeply.


North Gulf Oceanic Society and Oceanswell– both are really great marine mammal research orgs and I highly recommend looking into them if you’re interested! Reach out to me any time about them!

Senior project:

Oof great question

Passions & motivations:

Bryde’s whale in the Gulf of Mexico, the ocean, time, barnacles, the commons both as a concept and reality, happiness, bee friends, *connections*

COA might be the right college for you if...

most of your clothing is corduroy


1. when you’re on the water in the morning with no land in sight and its a force 3-5 and the sky is the light gray that makes all the other colors glow and you just get to be there and experience all of it

2. working on a paper/ written construction and having this insane energy of feeling like you’re on the precipice of some great connection between different fields and concepts and then all of a sudden you get to witness its collision and metamorphosis then get to tell the tale through your work