Course code:



MA - Intermediate/Advanced

Class size limit:


Meets the following requirements:

  • ES - Environmental Science

Lab fee:


Typically offered:

Upon occasion

Through guest speakers, readings, and lectures, this course will introduce a wide variety of chemistry research topics including: environmental chemistry (topics likely focus on: persistent organic pollutants), chemistry education (topics likely focus on: teaching sustainable chemistry), materials chemistry (topics likely focus on: solid state batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaics), organic chemistry (topics likely focus on: novel chemical transformations), biochemistry, and the chemical origins of life (topics likely focus prebiotic chemical metabolism). The course will focus on how to read and write scientific manuscripts, how to follow a scientific talk, and how to present research to a variety of audiences. Students in the course will work closely with guest speakers to develop their own research questions and set up their own experiments. Students will be evaluated on participation, a research proposal, a draft manuscript, a poster presentation, and an oral presentation.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced. Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor. Class limit: 13. Lab fee: $100. Meets the following degree requirements: ES.


Permission of Instructor.

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