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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Upon occasion

You just learned a complex choreography, directed a video shoot, used an iPhone to edit your piece, and published it to an app with over 500 million users. This is video dance in the age of the internet. But how did we get here? This course will work to trace the lineage of dance on camera from early experimental dance films, to Beyoncé music videos, to performance in the public realm of Tik Tok. We will first build a familiarity with common devices and methodologies of dance on camera, contextualizing our learning with examples from the modern and postmodern dance canons. We will respond to readings and viewings with short video studies, writing responses, and rigorous class discussion. As we approach the end of the term we will consider the rapid acceleration of video dance toward social media, working as a cohort of dance scholars to critically examine visibility, accessibility, and performativity in camera dance now. Participation in this course will be an engaged research effort in collaboration with the instructor and fellow classmates, and is recommended for students with a firm grounding in the visual/performing arts.


Prior Arts/Design coursework recommended.

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