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A - Advanced

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This course is for students who are competent in the principal grammatical forms of Spanish and have completed the equivalent of Advanced Spanish I. The course is taught entirely in Spanish using immersion learning methods. It employs diverse resources such as music, food, dance, film, presentations on individual topics of interest, classroom debates, conversations, written reflections and more, with an emphasis on communication.

Students will continue to hone their ability to express themselves orally and through writing, and heighten their listening and reading comprehension in a variety of rhetorical forms and genres. They will also increase their command of the nuances of idiomatic usages, deepen their vocabulary in targeted areas and enrich their understanding of multiple dimensions of Latin American culture. Further, they will advance their skill and knowledge in specific areas of interest in Hispanic language and culture including, for instance, history, literature, anthropology, cinema, arts or sciences. Evaluation criteria include achievement of course goals as demonstrated by class participation, homework and the ability to work effectively with multiple kinds of texts, interviews, conversations, formal interviews, oral presentations, writing exercises in different styles, non-verbal communication and individual projects.


Permission of instructor, placement exam required to confirm level.

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