I am irresistibly drawn to the sea, be it sailing, rowing, running small boats or big, but I am a terrible swimmer. Cooking, guitar playing, ultimate frisbee, chatting (especially in German or Spanish), walking, and hiking are also favorite pastimes. As a COA student, I’ve sunk deep into literature, dabbled in economics, splashed through theater, and wandered into oceanography. I hope to graduate with a certificate as a high school English Language Arts teacher, but I am especially drawn towards teaching and celebrating multilingual students, training writing tutors, and working with writers in one-to-one conferences. I get excited about tutoring because I think a lot of writers don’t realize just how many choices they have – even in the most stifling assignment – and my job is to show them some of those options so that they can decide what impact they are going for in their work. For me, it is literally playing with words.