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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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Collecting is a reflection of human ecology; it involves the interconnectedness of the physical and biological, people and their environment, and it addresses issues present in those interconnections. This seminar course will explore a variety of ethical, philosophical, and practical issues related to collections held by museums, libraries, and archives. Students will hear from and interact with collections professionals from diverse institutions throughout the US. Lectures, readings, and discussions will explore topics such as why and what we collect, the past and future of collecting activity, practical challenges of organizing and maintaining collections, telling stories through collections, and ethical questions surrounding collecting and displaying culture and ideas. Special attention will be given to current events in libraries, archives, and museums. Certain class sessions will also be open to local libraries, archives, and museum professionals.


Can be satisfied through museum, library or education work-study; or a relevant History, Philosophy, Ethics, Anthropology or Education course.

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