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A - Advanced

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  • W - Writing

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This tutorial not only expands on the concepts studied in Advanced Composition and/or Communicating Science but also gives students the opportunity to write several short papers on topics of interest in the sciences or to use the 10 weeks to develop, write, and rewrite an extended scientific essay or report. Through reading journal articles, scientific reports, and extended scientific essays, students will gain a better understanding of writing concisely, cohesively, and gracefully in the sciences. They will also become more cognizant of how to convey complex scientific information to the lay public—communication that aids the public in understanding the importance of scientific research, its applicability to current issues and problems, and the need for public funding of science research as opposed to funding from private entities. Students will use Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace and U. of Chicago Guide to Communicating Science as reference texts as well as read other material gleaned from various texts, journals, and essay collections.
Evaluation will be based on the student’s ability to substantively revise and to offer constructive criticism in peer reviews.


Permission of instructor.

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