Human Ecology: Core Course; Performance and Ecology: What Can Theatre Do; Beginning Contemporary Dance; Practical Skills in Community Development; Educational Innovations; Movement Training Basics; Special Topics in Production; Intercultural Communication; Public Speaking; Gender, Politics, and Nature in Folk and Fairytales; Music Fundamentals; American Dreaming 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Library work-study, CoA free box, Peach House Sunday dinners, Circus Club, Seafox ghost stories…

Passions & motivations:

I care about emotional intelligence and healthy communication skills, both in myself and in the communities I am a part of. Also, I believe in the urgency of addressing the issues of climate crises and social discriminations as well as in our ability to successfully deal with these challenges through collaboration, imagination, and interdisciplinarity.

Adventures yet to come:

I don’t know what my future will be like and I don’t need to know. The only hope I have is that I won’t lose my open-mindedness and humor.

Best meal on campus:

Portobello mushrooms!

COA might be the right college for you if...

…you get terrified of an obligation to declare a major

…you have an “annoying” habit of bothering your professors with “silly” questions

…you want to be in a small community where people will remember your name

…you are “sorta hippy”

…you have passions, believes and are eager to learn

…you want healthy and tasty food in your cafeteria

…you care about the environment

…you want to be surrounded by people with various unique (sometimes oddly specific) interests and have meaningful discussions till the middle of the night

…you like the ocean

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

the dinosaur