Fall 2021:

Gender, Politics, & Nature in Folk/Fairy Tales of the World

Indigenous Peoples, Climate Change, & Power

Chemistry and Biology of Food & Drink


Winter 2022:

Introduction to Statistics & Research Design

Introduction to Journalism: Telling the Story

Introduction to Economics & the Economy


Spring 2022:

Climate & Weather

Bees & Society

Intermediate Projects in Photography


Interning as a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I haven’t been here too long but from what I have experienced, the activities offered have been a great break from studying. To start, my OOP’s trip, backpacking the Appalachian Trail (shoutout AT3! I love y’all!) was one of the best experiences and the most amazing way to start off my college experience here at COA. Being away from technology and having the rely off of a group of people you just met, puts you in a really unique situation in which you become closer than ever with this group of people. You learn so much about yourself, others, and get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip! And when the trip is over, it’s not goodbye with your group, because you are just about to start the academic year with them alongside you. 

Since the school year has started I have been on some of the Outing Club Trips, they are provided weekly and have been such a great way to get off campus and see the rest of the island and Acadia which is our backyard! 

Passions & motivations:

Social Justice!

Adventures yet to come:

Giving back to my hometown, Tikkun Olam, trying to create a long-lasting change in Alaska to combat the effects of the climate crisis. 

Best meal on campus:

Any meal with SALMON! 


Just witnessed a full double rainbow at the pier and that was so amazing! (check out the attached image)