Human Ecology Core Course, Biology: Form & Function, Public Speaking Workshop, Methods for Teaching Writing, Biology: Cellular Processes of Life, Advanced Composition, Seminar in Human Ecology, Oceanography, Polar Ecology, The History of Filmmaking, Ecology, The Biology, Culture, and Conservation of Killer Whales (Independent Study), Equal Rights Equal Voices, Winter Ecology, Geographical Information Systems I, The Theory and Mystery of Color, Wildlife Ecology, Population and Community Ecology, Environmental Activism on Social Media: A Case Study (Independent Study), Marine Mammal Biology I: Field Studies, Working the Sea, and Invertebrate Zoology


For my internship, I worked at Acadia National Park with the wildlife team. I mostly worked on the long-term bat monitoring project but also had a chance to help with peregrine falcon monitoring, beaver surveys, and a small mammal study. Working at ANP was one of the most fulfilling and exciting experiences in my academic career! 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

I love discovering all the hidden gems of MDI and Acadia. These forgotten or lesser known about places are especially nice during the busy season! 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I love the Bar Islands Swim! I have participated in and finished the swim all 3 years that I have been at COA! 

Passions & motivations:

I am passionate about climate change and how it is impacting animals both terrestrial and marine

Adventures yet to come:

I hope to be a part of the change makers in my generation, I want to fight climate change and preserve endangered species. 

Best meal on campus:

Fall flavors pasta and anything that includes garlic bread is always a hit with me!

COA might be the right college for you if...

You are excited to get down and dirty and experience a truly place-based education. 


The little bench behind Seafox is my favorite place to enjoy a cup of coffee or get some homework done.