Fall ’21: core course + Plants & People: Economic Botany + Globalization/Anti-Globalization

Winter ’22: College Seminar: Practical Skills in Community Development + Dissecting Popular Music + Bio: Cellular Processes of Life

Spring ’22: Intro to Oceanography + Public Speaking Workshop + Intercultural Communication 

Favorite class:

so far they’re oceanography and dissecting popular music :) but really all of them have broadened both my knowledge and skills in a way that I could have never expected

My approach to human ecology:

social justice + music + queerness + community development + the ocean + spending time in nature + found family = human ecology

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

-open mics + the cultural show!

-acapella group!

-going to see rocky horror picture show on Halloween at the criterion <3

Passions & motivations:

music + nature + all things justice + community + (my pets)

Adventures yet to come:

-exploring every nook and cranny of MDI

-playing a show with my sister

-roadtripping with friends


Best meal on campus:

winter flavors pasta and anything cheesy (and the chocolate chip cookies!!)

COA might be the right college for you if...

you ask every college admissions person you meet if their college feels like a community… this one does. you will know almost every person you walk by on campus (and maybe in town too!) and there are so many ways to interact w/ and participate in the community here that I can’t keep up! Also if the idea of picking a major and committing to a certain career path for the rest of your life stresses you out, then human ecology might be for you. 


sitting on the dock during my first fall term, feet in the water, looking out at the bar, wondering how my life has led up to this moment, in such a beautiful place with such wonderful people <3