Getting here:

I choose COA because my life’s learning journey is fueled by love!


Human Ecology Core Course, Performance & Ecology, Natural History.

Favorite class:

My Performance & Ecology class has been a blast so far!

My approach to human ecology:

Canoeing, kale salad, listening, salmon, rural India, hummingbirds, reforestation, communities, wildfires, performing theatre in a tree, discomfort, water, impromptu potlucks, grief, joy, sailboats, compassion, old-growth forests, bicycles, transcending boundaries, singing, mountains, and fierce unfiltered radical love = Human Ecology

Life on Mount Desert Island:

Waking up every morning with a dip into the Atlantic Ocean, running on the carriage roads in Acadia, biking and hiking with friends, sailing COA’s boat Redfish as much as possible… the adventures just never stop!!

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Sailing crew, Earth in Brackets, Blackflies trail running, Ultimate Frisbee, and working for the grounds-keeping crew!

Passions & motivations:

I’m fired up about the power of old-growth forests and the urgent need to collaborate and protect them the way they protect us.

Adventures yet to come:

Every day is an adventure when you live with untamed spontaneity! But cycling the silk road, learning more languages, long distance running and living on a mountain are on my mind…

Best meal on campus:

All the fresh veggies that come from COA’s own Beech Hill Farm :)

COA might be the right college for you if...

you don’t want to let the classroom get in the way of your education.


“I can’t stop the clocks

but I can make a rhythm out of it”

-Jain (Dynabeat)