Getting here:

It’s a long story filled with twists and turns but to paraphrase, I really wanted to leave NYC and be somewhere where I could experiment in my studies while being surrounded by nature. My high school college counselor had a parent who used to work at the school and when I brought it up to her she beamed with delight! After doing my own research, talking with students, and admissions assistants, and combing through the course catalog I knew I had to come here. I put it as my ED school, got accepted, hoped that my financial aid could be enough, looked at work-study opportunities, began budgeting, and was able to move up here! I’ve never looked back or thought “what if”; I can’t imagine myself anywhere but COA right now. 


In the Fall Term, I took the “Human Ecology Core Course”, and was in the group directed by COA’s President Darren Collins, “Gender Politics and Nature in Fairy and Folklore” with the Katharine Turok and Writing Seminar II: Argumentation with Martha Donovan.  In the winter, I wanted to cast a wide net of studies (somehow they all managed to intertwine in some way) and took “Romantism” Triumph and Tragedy” with Catharine Clinger, “Our Band Could Be Your Life” taught by Dan Mahoney and “Farm Animal Management” co-taught by Kourtney Collum and PRF farm manager, April Nugent. This last term, I ended the year with Netta van Vliet’s “Rights, Responsibility and Reparations” course, “Cold War: the later year” with Jamie McKown, and “Intro to Teaching Comprehensive Sexual Education” with COA graduate Maddy Magnuson. 

Favorite class:

I really, honestly, and truthfully can not pick a favorite course taken so far! The one that I will shout out though is “Intro to Teaching Comprehensive Sexual Education” because through that class I was able to find a job I am really passionate and excited to join! 

My approach to human ecology:

Storytelling + Lots of Questions + Research + Mixed Media Projects + Engagement with Others = Human Ecology 


I would love to do an internship at a museum, as part of a research or archival group, or in a theater (doing production management, design, acting, producing, or writing). Something where I am interacting with a lot of different people and am constantly on the move! 

Senior project:

I really have no idea! There are so many things I can think of! I would love to do some sort of performance piece ordo field research, but there is lots of time for me to hone in on a passion to exhibit for my last year… at least that’s what I’m telling myself! 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

My favorite thing about living at MDI is the fresh air and star-filled sky; I have never been able to see so many stars until now. The peace and quiet are also really refreshing. I don’t feel nervous about being outside or alone at night either which is so relaxing for a lot of different reasons. 

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

Fireside fridays always bring me peace at the end of a hectic week. I always look forward to attending open mic, weather I’m preforming or not and never miss an opportunity to engage with the artistic community on or off campus. I have three separate work studies; one in admissions, one as a member of decolonize COA and the other as a part time notetaker. As busy as I may sound I always have time to go down to the beach and watch the clouds roll across the sky or see a sunset!  

Passions & motivations:

I love theater and think performance is an under utilized tool to promote change and fight fascist ideologies and discrimination. Autonomy, bio-politics, art, history, cultural anthropology, theology, access to nutritious food and learning about others passions motivate me to keep pursuing questions and engage with the world; even when things seem bleak and hopeless.

Adventures yet to come:

Going to Greece, getting my drivers liceanse, primal screaming on Cadillac mountain, roadtripping in the intermountain west, learning to crochet, learning how to use commas ( Shout out to Ellie my writing center tutor who bless her soul, will have to explain this to me one more time) trying partnering tengo, learning another language and so, so, so, soooo much more!!!

Best meal on campus:

Baked Vegan Ravioli from Tab, with a salad from the salad bar topped with roasted chickpeas, honey, and dijon mustard dressing!! End with coconut macaroons with dark chocolate, a cup green tea and there’s no way I can have a bad day!

COA might be the right college for you if...

Enjoy small communiites with large engament, potlucks, the unexpected, forest creatures, the most gorgeous view on the east coast, hidden passages in old buildings and the kindest people in any college. 


I never grew up seeing stars in the sky, so being able to walk outside and stare at constellations seems like such a trivial thing to some but means the world to me. 

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Egg. If you disagree, ask a herpetologist