• ES3050 Organic Chemistry I 
  • ES1056 Physics and Mathematics of Sustainable Energy 
  • HE1010 Human Ecology Core Course 
  • HS0958 Introduction to Academic Writing (non-credit)


  • ES5014 Organic Chemistry II
  • ES3028 Calculus III: Multivariable Calculus
  • ES1052 Biology: Cellular Processes of Life


  • ES1054 Biology: Form and Function
  • ES2046 Physics II: Modern Physics
  • HS3039 Communicating Science (W)
  • ES3065 Molecular Genetics Workshop (non-credit)

My approach to human ecology:

Sciences + Outdoors + Arts = Human Ecology

Passions & motivations:

Academically, I am passionate about Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and Genetics. Generally, I do enjoy photography, travel, outdoors and a cup of tea.

Best meal on campus:

It is so hard to pick because TAB food is so good!!!!

My favorites are the following : 

  • Mediterranean eggs
  • Salmon/Haddock + Kale salad
  • Tofu mac and cheese
  • Grilled cheese + tomato soup
  • Chicken curry
  • Garlic bread
  • Deserts: meringues, coconut cookie, almond cookie, lemon bar

COA might be the right college for you if...

If you are a person with a plethora of interests and don’t want to lose them within the traditional route of academia, you are at the right place.

If you want to build your own curriculum and create your own academic path, you are at the right place.

If you want to live next to nature and wake up next to the sea, you are at the right place.

If you want to learn through hands-on experience, you are at the right place.

If you want to challenge yourself every day, you are at the right place.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


We love eggs, and they existed long before chickens existed. Amniotic eggs existed roughly 340 million years ago, while chicken originated around 58 thousand years ago.