Getting here:

Heard about it through the EcoLeague program. A representative from Northland came to the school I was attending. I didn’t end up going there, but found COA – so I’m not complaining.


Within Living Memory: Audio Production and Podcasting, Audio Journalism, Island Life, Navigating Change, Marvelous Terrible Place: Human Ecology of Newfoundland, Independent Studies

I’ve shaped my studies around content production and coastal studies. I’m considering going to continue studying themes of home, resource management, and systems theory.

My approach to human ecology:

People do weird things. I’m interested in what led them to do that. 

Life on Mount Desert Island:

If you’re into doing things out on the town- well, you won’t. There is very little to do that isn’t chalked up on tourist prices. So far as exploring goes, there is a bit more of that. Acadia is a great place to run around in, and (if you’ve got the transportation) the Schoodic Peninsula is also something I’ve wanted to investigate for some time.

To be honest though, you will likely be very grabbed by your classes. I’ve made it a point to go up Cadillac Mountain every weekend on my bike, but other than that MDI can feel kind of trapping if you don’t have a car.

Adventures yet to come:

I’d love to keep exploring “wild” corners of the earth. The desert in the South West US is one of them, the mountains of Norway and Iceland another. There are a lot of places I would go given the chance, and I doubt I will make it to all of them.

Best meal on campus:

Grilled cheese with tomato soup, hands down one of my favorites.

COA might be the right college for you if...

Would you rather do projects than take tests? Does a highly-engaged community interest you? Can you deal with about 8-10 hours of daylight in the winter months, depending on the cloud cover? Are you interested in how humans – as a speciesn– function, interact, and affect everything around them, including your specific area of interest?


Oh boy, do I have news for you.


The housing on campus is a notable upgrade from any dorm building I’ve ever seen. Email wars (essentially debates over the community email) are an occasional bit of entertainment. The pier is a solid place to hang out on a nice fall evening.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Water is wet, stop it. *smacks with newspaper*