Heyo! I’m from Ontario, Canada. I spent my last couple years of high school in Maharashtra, India, then took a gap year to work and explore in British Columbia, and now am stoked to live here on MDI, wedged between the sea and the sky! I speak English, French, Spanish, and some Hindi. I am fascinated by the way languages shape the way we think about and interact with our world. My interests include theatre, politics, environmental justice, literature, and ecology, but COA keeps opening up my mind to amazing topics I’d never even thought of before! You can usually find me swimming or sailing off the pier, cycling, and hiking in Acadia, running with COA’s Blackflies, or making ridiculously large portions of dal and kale salad. Whether it’s completing a Saturday cryptic crossword, spontaneously writing a really poetic sentence, or annoying my friends with a really bad pun, I think words are delightful. I look forward to meeting you so we can play with writing!