Dr. Justin Dunnavant is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at UCLA. He holds a BA in History and Anthropology from Howard University and an MA and PhD from the University of Florida. While his former research interrogated the history and representation of minority groups in southern Ethiopia, his current work in the US Virgin Islands investigates the relationship between ecology and enslavement in the former Danish West Indies. Justin has conducted archaeological research in US Virgin Islands, Belize, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, and The Gambia.

As a regular participant in Diving with A Purpose’s Maritime Archaeology Training Program, Justin is developing his skills in maritime archaeology. Working with DWP, he has assisted with the documentation of the Slobodna and Acorn wrecks as well as the search for the slave ship, Guerrero.

In addition to his archaeological research, Justin is a co-founder of the Society of Black Archaeologists and an AAUS Scientific SCUBA Diver.

Session date and time

07/25/2022 5:00pm