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I - Introductory

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Upon occasion

Intercultural communication deals with the communicative interactions of people and groups across cultures. In this interdisciplinary course, you will examine the communication factors within intercultural encounters and consider topics, including but not limited to: the significance and history of intercultural communication studies; language, identity, and culture; intercultural competencies; power and ideology in intercultural communication; intercultural conflicts and relationships; intercultural communication in educational and other contexts. The primary goals of this course are to: (1) raise your awareness of intercultural communicative differences; (2) provide you with the concepts, knowledge, and skills to analyze, interpret, and respond to different intercultural communicative processes on the interpersonal, group, and/or organizational levels. To accomplish these goals, the course will introduce you to texts and other audiovisual materials featuring narratives and scenarios of intercultural communication; engage you in immersive and interactive learning activities that will expose you to others’ perspectives and experiences of intercultural communication; equip you with the tools to develop intercultural competence. Class sessions will include some lectures but mostly consist of guided discussions, activities, and presentations. Evaluations will be based on individual and group projects that involve intercultural interactions, interviews, film screenings and discussions, and intercultural competence workshops .



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