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I - Introductory

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Upon occasion

This course will cover fermentation from raw material to final commercial production, sales and marketing. Drawing on the instructor’s experience as a micro-brewing entrepreneur, the class will introduce students with all aspects of the art of fermentation/brewing from sourcing ingredients and microbiology to biochemistry and sensory evaluation. This content will be blended with aspects of the business end of producing beer and wines. Students will also learn about branding, value-added production, and running a small local fermentation business. The class will include classroom lecture-based instruction, hands-on elements as well as work sessions and field trips to Fogtown Brewing in Ellsworth. Students will be evaluated on their preparation for class, mini-projects, and an independent final project. Students should plan on making themselves available for classes and work sessions outside of normal class times. Classes such as the Art and Science of Fermentation, The Cider Project, or The Chemistry of Food could be helpful, but the course is intended for a broad range of students with diverse interests who are willing to dig into the course content.



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