Fiona loves the Ocean. Everything on it, and everything in it. She grew up on the East Coast of England sailing with her family, learning about tides, seasons and the natural world. She met and married her husband Theo, a 5th generation Dutch mussel farmer. Moving to the Netherlands, she grew passionate about the idea of regenerative and sustainable mariculture.

When the opportunity arose to bring mariculture to the United States in the form of bottom cultured mussels, Fiona and her family jumped at the chance, and fell deeply in love with coastal Maine. Working to meet the demands brought on by the rapid effects of climate change, Fiona is dedicated to integrating new methods of sustainable and healthy food production. The experience and dedication that Theo and Fiona bring to the aquaculture field is reflected in the number of committees and organizations that they serve and engage with. Fiona devotes a lot of time listening to the different perspectives of stakeholders and the people who live and work on these waters.

“Stewardship isn’t just the name of our ship; It’s what we believe in.”

Session date and time

07/29/2022 9:30am