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  • ADS - Arts & Design Studio

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Upon occasion

Samba is one of music’s great spectacles – loud, coordinated, precise, and kinetic. The music is equally at home on the stage and in the street. All are welcome to participate in COA’s samba percussion ensemble. The individual percussion parts range in complexity so the music suits a wide range of skills and levels of experience. The musical repertoire for the ensemble will be developed in coordination with Caique Vidal, a Brazilian percussionist who will visit the class (virtually) on a few occasions to offer perspective and insights drawn from his experience with the music. Alongside rehearsal and performance, students will study the history of samba music in Brazil. We will read Barbara Browning’s Samba: Resistance in Motion and also discuss what the music’s recontextualization to a college campus in Maine might mean for its performers and listeners. The class will include a weekend field trip to the HONK! festival in Boston. Student assessment will be based on rehearsal attendance, class discussion participation, reading response journals, and a final group presentation.



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