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I - Introductory

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Upon occasion

This introductory course will focus on personal expression through movement and compositional techniques. Each class will begin with a gentle warm up that will help students become aware of movement impulses and locate a personal movement vocabulary. Through short, weekly assignments, students will gather a collection of tools for composing movement sequences including honing improvisation toward set choreography, responding to spatial and environmental conditions, and drawing inspiration from sound and imagery. Our making will be supplemented by readings and screenings of 20th and 21st century choreographers, aiding us in contextualizing our creative process within the current field of contemporary dance. Students will be asked to craft a short final piece of choreography, to be shared with the community during a “Works in Progress” showing. Evaluation will be based on attendance, satisfactory completion of weekly assignments, and rigorous engagement with the process of developing a final piece. Students of diverse abilities and experiences are encouraged to enroll. It is strongly recommended that students have some prior dance or theater coursework before taking this course. Please contact the instructor directly if you have questions about your background.



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