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Students hear a series of conflicting messages when it comes to their education and future. Advice, impulses and pressures to “follow your passion”, “study something that will lead to a job”, “create positive change in the world”, can be overwhelming. This is especially true at a school where students design their own major and pathway through the curriculum.

In this course, students will embark upon a journey to design their lives, while simultaneously learning from others who are seeking to balance work, life, family, education, creating change and the myriad of other quotidian tasks.

Two central questions frame this course:
How have people seeking to change the world and pursuing their passion sustained themselves personally and professionally?
How should human ecologists think about and plan their future?

To enrich the process of designing their own lives, students will also learn about the challenges and rewards people encounter when dedicating their lives to creating change. Resources include articles, guest lectures, case studies, interviews and other sources. Highlighting the essential links that exist between professional and personal, ideas and implementation, students will examine a range of careers and endeavors united by their desire to create change. Through this process, students should reflect on what it means to create change in the world and how to embark on that journey.

Students will be evaluated based on their performance, participation and the quality of the assignments they produce over the course of the term including: class participation and facilitation; reflection papers; and a final project.



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