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In this course, students will examine existing curriculum and lesson plans for hands-on energy education (created by the non-profit Envirolution). This project-based science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) curriculum engages K-12 students to learn how their home, school and community use energy. It culminates with students conducting an energy assessment of their school, identifying ways to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions. Envirolution is a non-profit organization based in Reno, Nevada, that works with 200+ teachers in Nevada, California and Arizona. Through this course we will be helping to introduce their Project ReCharge lessons and activities to teachers and students in Maine.

Working in pairs or small groups, students will trial the lessons with their COA classmates, taking feedback and refining their approach. They will deconstruct the lesson plans and identify ways that climate change and environmental justice can be further incorporated into the activities. We will discuss systemic injustices rooted in fossil fuel consumption, and the impacts of energy use on the environment and marginalized communities. At the end of the term, each group will partner with a local K-12 school and lead the students through one or more lessons centered on energy efficiency. This course will feature community partnerships and collaborative approaches to addressing fossil fuel consumption and climate change. Students will use a lesson plan template provided by Envirolution, which will allow lessons developed to be added into the Project ReCharge curriculum package, with the opportunity for them to be made available to other teachers using the curriculum.

This course could contribute to practica requirements for teaching certification candidates.



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