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IM - Introductory/Intermediate

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  • HS - Human Studies

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Upon occasion

Social media is an aspect of modern life that has become ubiquitous. It is difficult to meet someone and part ways without asking for how to keep in touch with them. Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, Discord? What is it that you spend your time on and why? Have you met all the people you’re connected with? What do you share? What do you view? Why do we connect? A lot comes with these connections. Good things – like the ability to instantly connect not only with your friends, but also thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide; the ability to see news and search for information in any language anywhere and at any time of day; movies, books, and music; and the ability to share your views and voice with others without having to pay for any of it. And other things too … there are many costs associated with social media use, and many feel that regular breaks or even complete ruptures from social media are necessary, whereas others feel that they could never let it go. In this class we will examine our own use of social media, learn ways to understand how and when it is harmful or helpful to mental health and other aspects of daily life, and how to do research on this important topic.

Students will gain a general understanding of how to approach psychological questions using the methods of scientific psychology, as well as learn about basic concepts in social, personality, developmental, and cognitive psychology.

Students will be evaluated based on attendance, in-class participation, reading responses, and a final research paper that proposes a research study or is a detailed literature review on social media and its effects.



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