Hey folks! I’m a 2nd year, and I’ve spent almost all my life in Maine, mostly in Portland. I view writing, above all else, as a tool for expressing thought, knowledge, and emotion in an individualistic way. I think writing can be a very epistemic practice; just by doing it, you can create knowledge and new meaning. I hope this opportunity will help me learn more perspectives from around the world and become more connected and involved with the COA community. I’ve spent my whole life in the wilderness, backpacking and climbing as many mountains as I can get my boots on. I’m interested in forest ecology, conservation, sociology, economic geography, sustainability, physics, acrylic painting, drawing, and so many other random things that don’t really go together.

As a tutor, I am most comfortable helping to generate ideas and structuring analytical, argumentative, and expository writing. I look forward to learning from you all and expanding your and my writing abilities!