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MA - Intermediate/Advanced

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Upon occasion

In this writing workshop, students will read and write very brief, concise works of creative nonfiction known as “micro essays” or “flash nonfiction.” This is a popular contemporary form with tons of potential for surprise and impact. Working in this short form will enable students to generate new pieces each week and receive in-depth feedback on them, and the micro essay can be an exciting container in which a writer is free to experiment with subject matter, voice, style, argument and other elements of creative writing and then quickly shift gears for the next piece. While the class will be reading examples of and scholarship on the micro essay—many from The Best of Brevity, an anthology of pieces and criticism from a leading literary magazine of the form edited by Zoë Bossiere and Dinty W. Moore—the majority of time will be spent offering guidance on the students’ own creative work. Students will be given instruction in the foundations of good prose, including grammatical style, diction, structure and revision strategies, all of which are useful skills for writing in general. Evaluations will be made based on effort put into trying new literary techniques and attention paid to revisions, as well as timely submission of work and engagement in the course. Students will be graded on individual writing assignments, constructive and enthusiastic participation in workshop and discussions, and a final portfolio of revised works. This course will be valuable for students serious about literary arts and honing their creative writing skills. It is best suited for those interested in actively participating in the workshop model, in which writers share and receive direct feedback on their works in progress.



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