Getting here:

When I was researching schools, somewhere North was extremely important to me. I missed the cold seasons. It was also important to me to balance my studies and expand my skills in both the sciences and the performing arts. When I learned about the niche and diverse courses offered, the ability to design one’s own degree, the clubs, the events, the outings, the dances, the vegan food and sustainable campus… I was sold.


I am on week two of my first three classes as I write this, and I already feel so involved and engaged. I learn so much every day, each week feels like a month. In physics, I am grateful that we start with concepts - why the math is doing what it’s doing. It makes it more intuitive, but there’s also space to ask questions. In movement training basics we are also learning to be intuitive. What it feels like to be in your body and have the freedom to make choices as an actor, as well as awareness and moving as a system which benefits acting and dance. In the human ecology core course we are having valuable discussions on the state of our world. The politics, the philosophy, the science and the legacy. What do we feel? What do we know? How can we make a difference?

My approach to human ecology:

Personally, my strength comes from the combination of creative and emotional thought with logical and analytical thought. I believe what excites us to pursue and create is precisely how we as individuals impact the collective.

Life on Mount Desert Island:

It’s adorable! There’s so much nature to do various activities or sports. The town with its little shops is so sweet and there’s tons of shops with vegan ice cream. The gym is accessible, the library is beautiful… and who doesn’t want to study on a campus with an ocean view and a castle?

Activities, traditions, celebrations:

I enjoy nature, traveling, listening to music, dogs and storms. I love a hygge vibe, good food and comedy. I’m excited to go to a tree farm with friends, or apple picking & make a crisp, lie in hammocks, sit on the rocks, play street hockey and so much more.

Passions & motivations:

My goals while at COA is to launch a production company with several performing arts projects, as well as an agency/organization for the next generation of change makers.

Adventures yet to come:

I’m excited for the outing club: nordic skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, ice skating, kayaking, snowboarding, canoeing, etc. I am also hoping to train to be an OOPs leader. Many other clubs such as midwifery, witchcraft, badminton, dance, improv, circus, photography, and yoga look intriguing as well. I’m excited for beach fires, open mics, days in town & concerts. I’m also excited for the travel - the fairy to Novo Scotia, the monster courses, the expeditionary projects, and so much more. 

Best meal on campus:

I don’t know, TAB regularly does a great job.

COA might be the right college for you if...

If the freedom of designing a degree specific to your goals is important to you. If you desire a more well rounded education. If you want to try things out and explore or if you are confident in who you want to be and how you want to impact the world.


It is true what they say: you can say hi, ask a question or befriend nearly anyone you walk by on campus.