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M - Intermediate

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Upon occasion

In this intermediate-level course we will form a medium-sized ensemble to rehearse and perform jazz music. Some prior experience with improvisation is required, as well as an ability to read music or to learn quickly by ear. Rehearsals will focus on playing with good time, intonation, feel, blend, while respecting various stylistic and historical elements of jazz. Emphasis will be placed on improvisation, which will be taught from the ground up with a focus on ear-training and harmony. There will be a concert performance toward the end of the term and there is the potential for additional off-campus performances and jam sessions. Students will be evaluated based on attendance, commitment to learning the material, successful completion of assigned work, and the expansion of improvisational ability. Participants of diverse abilities, needs, and backgrounds are encouraged to apply, including those who play non-traditional jazz instruments. This course is scheduled from 11:10-2:25 with a break for lunch. The second studio block will at times be used for small group work and other assignments as needed.


Some improvisation experience; Ability to read music or learn music quickly by ear.

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