Dominick descends from a long line of human people. For a while, he was a small human child, growing up in [interesting location], where he often [interesting activity]. However, quite surprisingly, he grew up into a medium human adult and ventured out into the world to [some other interesting location], where he did many other things, such as [another interesting activity]. But, after being…places, and doing…things, he decided it was time to go back to school, and so applied to COA—which is where he can currently be found. If you ask him about what he’s doing at COA, he’ll probably bore you with talking about how “story is the foundation of human experience,” but in reality, he’s just obsessed with books and other nerdy stuff a little too much, and has somehow found an excuse to study them. In the writing center, he can help you with anything but prefers fictional or story-driven writing.