Writing is a difficult way of expressing yourself, and it’s also very rewarding. I’m from southeastern Pennsylvania, and I speak French as well. I enjoy outdoor activities, including hiking, drawing mushrooms, swimming, hugging trees. I also love cooking (I will talk sourdough starter with you), reading, and dancing. I’m enjoying studying food systems, indigenous history and justice, and chemistry at COA. While I’m most familiar with the humanities, I’m happy to help with (and learn more about) whatever writing and topic you’re working with (or send you to someone who is familiar with it). I grew up homeschooled and developed my creative writing process, so I’d love to help you strengthen your voice, clarify your meaning, and whatever else you’d like help with. I’ve also gained much wisdom from living with my two cats which I’ll pass on to you. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you in the future.