Hi. I’m Ella, and I am from clear across the country, where the sun sets. I found my way to COA through my longing for a small, quirky, engaging, liberal arts education. I entered with a passion for creative writing and intrigue for physics and have since cultivated an appreciation for literature and discovered an immense excitement for philosophy. In my spare moments, I’m probably finding a nook near the waters’ edge or in the woods, lyrically scribbling in a journal, possibly accompanied by a ukulele. I like to sketch, write songs, listen to radio lab, ponder abstractions and dissect societal systems, laugh til my body aches, cook quesadillas while listening to a musical, and skip down the carriage roads in late fall to “Evermore”. So far, the Writing Center has revealed to me that all you need to cure an inspiration drought is a couple plants and a string of colored lights. Bring a mug of a warm beverage and a cozy sweater, and we’ll be so productive as we discuss the intricacy of your ideas and the potential of your current project.