Howdy! I’m originally from Niwot, Colorado, but have spent most of my time in recent years bouncing between Utah, California, and… Maine! Some of the things that excite me include playing around on rivers and in the mountains, making food with my loved ones, dance of many forms, and getting into conversations with people I’ve never met. My academic exploration at COA has oriented around food systems—policy, justice, and growing food— and also literature, dance, education, and a wee bit of natural sciences. I’ve been fascinated by people’s ideas and the words they use to explain them since I was a kid, and I see writing as a beautiful way of sorting through and communicating those ideas beyond spoken word.


My strengths as a tutor lie more within the humanities and creative writing genre, but I’m happy to work on anything with you. Wherever you are in the writing process, from idea generation to shaping up a final draft, I’m excited to help you be in the writing process in a way that feels nourishing and invigorating for you!